Monday, March 31, 2014

Maps and Cartography

There are 4 types of maps I am going to discuss: chloropleths, dot density maps, proportional symbol maps, and isarithmic maps. Each type of may displays information in a different way.

Here is an example of a chloropleth. Chloropleths give different regions a color thats affiliated with some type of data. one of the most common examples of this is showing which states voted for a certain presidential candidate during the election.

A dot density map is exactly what it sounds like. A dot is placed on the map for each incident for some type of data. A common example is a population dot density map, where each dot represents an allotted number of people.

Proportional symbol maps provide an visual representation of the magnitude of a statistic for a region. The larger the symbol, the larger the number. 
Lastly, an isarithmic map shows how a certain type of data varies over a region. It is displayed by change in color and its shape is not limited by the political lines drawn on maps.

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