Thursday, April 24, 2014

Traffic Study

At 2:50 pm in Mercer village I sat down to gather data for a traffic study on Thursday. There was a fairly steady flow of traffic which was occasionally difficult to keep up with. The vehicle type, amount of passengers, and amount of divers distracted by their cell phones were recorded. The sampling lasted for only eight and a half minutes (mainly because I was running out of room for certain spots on my data sheet). The data is presented below.

The data shows that on the average most people do not car pool at this time of day. The low frequency of minivans could be attributed to the location next to a college campus (college students typically don't have need for a minivan yet). The percentile of distracted drivers may be lower than the true mean since I was observing in a high traffic area with a cross walk for pedestrians. I would hope people would try to stay off their phones in this area for the safety of walkers.

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